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Some Friendly Tips and Information from Your Friends at Comet Cleaners

What is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning is a process that cleans clothes without water. All garments are immersed and cleaned in a liquid solvent. Because no water is used, the process is called "dry."

Extending Garment Life

  • Bring your stained garments into Comet Cleaners as soon as you can.
  • Never iron stained clothes.
  • Never rub a stain. Blot it.
  • Indicate any stain that may be hidden to us whenever you bring your clothes to the cleaners before the dry cleaning process begins.
  • Protect your clothing from an excessive amount of contact with perspiration.
  • Apply toiletries, such as lotions, antiperspirants and perfume before you get dressed. Otherwise, your clothes may be prone to color change.
  • Have your garments cleaned before storing them for the season.
  • Clean all matching pieces of garments at the same times.
  • Always read the care label.


Most dress shirts are difficult to shrink. The manufacturer has already allowed for the normal two percent and progressive shrinkage requirements, which is usually not enough to cause a complaint. Shrinkage beyond this is usually due to poorly stabilized materials.

Any shrinkage complaints you have can easily be resolved by measuring the collar and sleeve length. First, measure the collar from the end of the buttonhole to the center of the button. Next, measure the sleeve length in a straight line from the center of the back of the collar at the seam to the end of the cuff. If these measurements correspond to the shirt size, it has not shrunk.


Buttons may crack during pressing even though the press padding is in excellent condition and the procedures used are correct. The reason for this is that there is an inherent problem in the button or the way the button was applied to the shirt. The majority of shirt buttons are made from a polyester resin, the strength of which depends on the amount of polyester in the resin. Some imported buttons contain less polyester, and therefore may not be as strong. Some manufacturers use less expensive, off-quality buttons to save money, which sometimes results in higher than average breakage.

We inspect each shirt and replace broken or missing buttons, free of charge, as an added service to our customers.


Stains from medicines, acids, cleaning products, the acidic or sugary residue of foodstuffs and beverages, or liquid chlorine bleach, can easily damage clothing. Spillage of these types of normal household products cause localized fabric weakness or color loss in the area of contact with the fabric. This type of damage may not show up until after washing, is usually permanent and can only be prevented by avoiding contact with these products.

If you are aware of what has caused the stain please let us know when you bring your clothes in, as it will most likely help us in removing the stain.

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